Personalized technology support.

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Your Personal, On-Call Expert IT Department

We don't just fix computers.  If you need help, join the club and experience end-to-end support.  With the membership in ClubCX, you and your PC will be ready to receive remote support or in-store assistance whenever you need it.

ClubCX Member Benefits

  • Annual check-up or diagnostic

  • Help ticketing system

  • Remote-ready support software

  • Purchasing advice

  • Technology recycling

  • Access to the CX Store

  • Access to your personal IT support at a competitive price.

Five or Fewer IT Service, Professional Expertise

Individuals, families and small businesses with five or fewer computers are finding ClubCX to be the solution they've been looking for when it comes to personalized technology support. Everyone needs IT Support and ClubCX is the answer.